Saturday, March 5

St George for the weekend

Took a little family trip to St George last weekend (because it is close) to get away.  The best part...indoor pool and spa.  The boys would have just loved to go anywhere, because staying in a hotel is awesome!  Especially when there is a pool & waffles for breakfast!
 This pic was taken 1/2 hr after we got there.....pool time!
Ended up swimming 5 times....I think that was the count.

 Mini golfing in the rain !

Cheers to popcorn and soda (in bed!) while watching TV!

Thankfully we had a room with 2 queen beds and then another room attached with a king bed, so we could close the door and watch our own TV! 

Fun time had by all.  Just a chance to get away from work and all responsibilities was fun.

Tuesday, January 4

Snow in Vegas!

 We don't have snow very often, so when it is here, it's crazy.  Just a little snow Monday morning (the first day back to school after the break, of course).  Kids had a fun 20 minutes of playing in it & then they were off to school.  Just as quickly, it was melted and gone.  The best snow ever!

Sunday, October 31


Happy Halloween from our Nerdy Family!

Trunk or Treat

Total Nerds!

Friday, August 20

The visit to North Carolina

I was able to visit my fabulous sister (and husband) so I could meet my nephew Jack Henry!  He is a cute chubby boy that is just 3 months old and starting to talk.  So, of course, I had to share the video. 

I had a relaxing time -without 3 crazy boys- and was glad to be able to see my sister again.  We didn't do much because it was so hot & humid, but it was good to relax and help with the baby.  Now, back to reality!  School starts soon!!

Thursday, June 24

Zion National Park

We took a short family trip to Zion this week.  It was hot, but not nearly as hot as Vegas!  The boys had a great time exploring nature.  Only a few complaints of tired legs (mostly by the one with the shortest legs).  It was great to get away from the XBox and all for a couple days. 
Climbing on all rocks is a must!

Relaxing in the hot tub

 I even got into a picture!

Beautiful moon on our last night.