Saturday, March 5

St George for the weekend

Took a little family trip to St George last weekend (because it is close) to get away.  The best part...indoor pool and spa.  The boys would have just loved to go anywhere, because staying in a hotel is awesome!  Especially when there is a pool & waffles for breakfast!
 This pic was taken 1/2 hr after we got there.....pool time!
Ended up swimming 5 times....I think that was the count.

 Mini golfing in the rain !

Cheers to popcorn and soda (in bed!) while watching TV!

Thankfully we had a room with 2 queen beds and then another room attached with a king bed, so we could close the door and watch our own TV! 

Fun time had by all.  Just a chance to get away from work and all responsibilities was fun.

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Da Browns said...

Love the first picture! Those clowns are funny. Looks like y'all had a great time!