Monday, May 26

Liam lost a tooth!

Liam lost his first tooth last night. He has been wiggling it for a few weeks now. We realized it was ready to come out, but he was too afraid to pull it out himself. Daddy wiggled and pulled until it popped right out. After Liam said he didn't even know it had come out, so maybe now he won't be afraid for the next teeth to come out. He received $1 from the "tooth fairy."
Look at that cute smile!!

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nurselynn said...

I left a comment several days ago..and now I've forgotten the witty, wonderful things I said. So I will try again. Liam is one handsome DUDE with that snazzy new haircut and a bloody stump where his tooth used to be.
The other guys in your family aren't too shabby either!
Someone at work told me your Computer Kitty pic looks like a commercial for compters, the way he is posed there.
More pictures of all the cuteness at your house, Please!