Saturday, July 12


Yesterday we took a trip to the Anderson Dairy. It was a FREE tour and ended in FREE ice cream. Also, it was inside where there was air conditioning. What could be better in the summer? It was a cute tour with some animatronic animals (think Bear Country Jamboree from Disneyland) and a walk down the halls to see the workers making cottage cheese & sour cream. We also saw the milk being bottled into plastic gallon size jugs. A conveyor carrying empty jugs stretched across the hall above our heads and into the room where the jugs were filled. It was a pretty cool setup. Down another hall we saw the huge freezer for the ice cream. Then we watched a movie of the history of Anderson Dairy and were treated to a yummy bowl of Cookies & Cream ice cream. The kids all enjoyed it!

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Natalie said...

So sad we weren't able to come. I'm always in for free ice cream! Your blog is fantastic by the way :)