Tuesday, August 26

School Days, School Days....Hip Hip Horray!

First day of 2nd grade was Monday. Liam & Quinn were excited to go back to school. They got new backpacks, shoes and haircuts. Even though we moved, we stayed in the same school, so they were able to see their old friends. They both seem to be happy and like their teachers. There are only about 17 kids in each of their classes.

No homework on the first day of school....at least for the kids. They both came home with TONS of papers for ME to fill out. How is that fair? Homework for the mom!!

Ryan gave them both beautiful blessings to help them with the new school year. I think that made them feel special.


Da Browns said...

What have they got in those huuuuuge back packs? They look like they're about to fall over!! thanks for the post....FINALLY..

nurselynn said...

Such cute, sweet boys! We love them!!

Anonymous said...

Talk about little Ryan clones! Your boys are adorable! I can empathize with the paperwork for the moms on the first day of school, what's up with that?

Natalie said...

These photos are classics! Jason just asked when he could see his friend Collin...we'll have to stop by this week!