Wednesday, October 8

General Conference Weekend

So it was General Conference this past weekend. I wanted the boys to watch at least 1 session of conference each day. So, I printed out their own little activity packets to color and to encourage them to listen to the speakers. They were really excited at first and got right into it. Then 1 hr into Sat morning session, Q asks, "How long is this?" I told him it was 2 hours. "2 hours???That is soooooo long". Excuse me? Um, church is 3 hours & you don't get to sit around the house. Anyway, it was downhill from there. Whine, whine, whine. So by Sunday I just told them to leave me alone so I could watch. Did that happen? Of course not. Oh well. Glad it is online and printed in the Ensign!


Da Browns said...

Aren't they soooo cute though! Jon T Pants could have used one of those activities packets too!

nurselynn said...

Three of the cutest boys in the whole wide world! Love the pictures. Maybe next time they'll sit for a little longer.

Natalie said...

so glad you caught the "spirit" of conference with a house full of boys on camera. Wish I would have thought of it. I totally feel your pain!