Thursday, November 13

Valley of Fire

We stopped off at the Valley of Fire on our way home from St. George. It was the perfect day to do some rock climbing! The boys had a great time scrambling up rocks and running around. We even saw some petroglyphs ( I think that is how it is spelled ). And Ryan got to use his new skills to do some rock climbing and try to teach the older boys about it. They were not too sure. We'll have to take it slowly with them.


nurselynn said...

What great pictures!! You have to love a man in a harness....!!!

Libby said...

fun! i love vacations...and need one badly! we will be in vegas at the end of december!!

Da Browns said...

Dang those boys are TALL! and Ryan is looking very handsome and skinny...and you Erin are hiding behind the camera as ussual!