Saturday, December 6

Calico Basin Climbing



Ryan took the older boys out to Red Rock Canyon for rock climbing today. They left around noon and didn't get back until 4pm, so I guess they had a fun time. I was told that they had no problem going was coming back down that was difficult. They have a new hobby with dad!


Da Browns said...

dang they are brave!!

nurselynn said...

These pictures are a great reason why Grandmas should NEVER witness rock climbing. I would have had heart failure. (I can't even look too closely at the pictures) I am happy to know that they are in their dad's well trained, capable hands (LITERALLY!!!)
have fun, guys!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you had professional rock climbers for boys. Dang, very impressive!!!!!

suzi said...

Hey there!
I had no idea that you had a blog! Yahoo! Now I can keep in touch with you better. Thanks for leaving a comment so I could find your blog. How are you? We need to catch up. Say "hi" to the fam. Your boys are so cute!