Wednesday, January 7

Tax Talk

Ok, so I haven't posted lately. I have a really good reason.....taxes. In case you don't know, it is tax time again (I know, already!) and I am working part time for Intuit in the Turbo Tax Live Community. Anyway, that cuts down on my "free time"....wait, did I really have free time before? The cool thing is that I get to work from home (sometimes in my pjs!) so I can do it around the kids' schedules.

So, I will try to post as much as I can, but don't be too sad if you don't see many new things. April I come!!

P.S. The previous was not an ad for TurboTax. :-)


Eric and Tracey said...

I'd give an ad for TurboTax! I LOVE turbotax! I use it every year! Fun for you. That sounds like a fun "part time" job. I'm sure it'll be nice come April when it slows down though!

nurselynn said...

What!? No nagging hints for people to start collecting their information to file their taxes? We are so proud of you, and happy that you get to work at home. Pjs and bonbons all the way!