Sunday, February 15

The Joys of Boys

Ok, all of you realize that I'm surrounded by boys all the time, right? 3 little boys, 1 big boy, 2 boy kitties......and me the lone girl. Sometimes this is good. Lately, I've been not so sure. I am getting more and more grossed out as these boys get older. Now the older ones like to teach the youngest all they know too. I'm constantly bombarded with passing gas and burping. Then there are all the many names for private parts that keep popping up (tenders, junk, get the idea). Maybe it is because I grew up with a sister and no brothers?? Maybe I don't have that great of a sense of humor?? I don't know. Some days it is just too much and I want to run away!

But then look at how cute they can be (see above photo)!! Is this the blessing and curse of boys??


Da Browns said...

You forgot 'Private Tarts' ... But aren't they sooo cute!

Natalie said...

Oh Erin--how I empathise! When we were in Sunbeams and Collin got bumped in "that" region he jumped up and down yelling, my tenders ohhhhh! I asked are you ok and he said, oh it didn't hurt--that's just what Liam says. I laughed so hard--sorry I encouraged him. Good luck!

suzi said...

Man, I feel for you. I have one son and a husband and I get sick of the grossness too. Thank goodness they are so cute! Funny post. Thanks for the laugh.