Tuesday, March 17

Food Storage.....Here We Come!

Used to be an open area with a bar that collected junk.

View of hallway with new pocket door.

Shelves inside the pantry...now we can store lots of food.


nurselynn said...

WOW! What a quick post!! That pantry is awesome, and will hold such a great supply of chocolate!! Let's go do a major shopping! (on the candy and cookie aisle first of course). And then when you get your freezer, you can store the ice cream you need to go with the cookies!
PS: love the new blog background!

Da Browns said...

I'm loving the background too...there was a new one I saw that said 'I love my boys' and I was gonna tell you about it, but then I got to thinking maybe somedays you love them more then other days!! (it's on scrapping blogs if you're curious)
oh and BTW love the pantry. much better then the bar...more mormony too!

scott said...

This is AWESOME. I am totally jealous--Thanksgiving next year is going to be great with all the food you'll have saved up :) we are invited again right??? ha ha

melissa said...

looks great. what a good idea instead of that random bar thing, you know, you'll have to stop throwing all those cocktail parties, but i think the food storage will work out better :)