Monday, September 28

I need a vacation......from my problems.....

So, what movie talks about taking a vacation from your problems??? Quiz time!

I was able to tag along with Ryan while he went on a Rope Rescue class (the second one) for work in Bellingham, WA. A few other wives were there too. It was so nice....70 degrees......and beautiful! I guess it was raining the week before we were there and it is going to rain this week, so we took up the sunshine with us! A big thanks goes to my mom who watched the kids so I could go.
The guys standing around talking.

Beautiful...Trees and ocean

Mt Baker

Had to take a photo of the sign at Nooksack Falls

Ryan being pulled on ropes over Nooksack Falls
(they were behind the sign)

It was a great trip overall....sleeping in....seeing the times!

Glad to be back home, but I sure wish it wasn't still 100 degrees out!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a beautiful place!! Amazing photos!!!

Da Browns said...

Which movie is it? I'm totally curious now!