Saturday, April 12

Bishop's Breakfast

Today was the annual Bishop's Breakfast. This is something Liam & Quinn look forward to ALL YEAR! Every few months they ask, "When is the Bishop's Breakfast?" We go to a nearby park & the Bishop has his counselors cook the breakfast while he greets everyone. (HA HA). Every year the food is about the same: pancakes, scrambled eggs & sausage. I think L & Q love it because it is eating outside......and they love pancakes too.

The thing that was different this year is that Liam & Quinn got to ride their bikes to the breakfast. Yes, no lie. They rode from our house, uphill to the park. Thanks to Gramma & Grampa Luker for riding along with them.

After breakfast there is usually an activity for the kids. This year, for some reason, there was no activity. But my kids had fun anyway trying Bocce ball and Horseshoes. Quinn even had a few ringers!

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