Sunday, April 13

Remember when?????

These babies are turning 7 this year. AHHH! Sometimes I like to look at their baby photos to remind myself how cute they are. Because, you know, some days they don't act cute anymore. What's that you say?.....You don't believe me??? Let me think of any instances of this from today....hmmmm.....
Quinn threw things at me today because I took away the remote for the X-Box when it was no longer his turn......Liam was mad because I didn't have tortillas to make him a quesadilla.....and both were upset when I told them we wouldn't be going to the Dollar store on Sunday after Great Grandma had given them $1. ooooh.....I'm sooooo mean!
It was more physically demanding caring for twin babies, but now my patience is being tested to the limits. Guess I need to develop more!


nurselynn said...

Oh My Gosh! Weren't they just the cutest little guys, with the cue ball bald heads??? I had nearly forgotten. Yes, it's good to remember the 'cute' phases for when...well...days like today. And I sometimes project into the future and try to imagine them at 16...with drivers licenses. But, maybe then they will have jobs and will drive themselves to the 99 store!

Da Browns said...

oh just face it're the meanest mom EVER!!! ;p