Friday, June 5

Check it out!

This is the "green" bookshelf Ryan created for L & Q's room. It's green because we re-used the materials from their former bunkbeds. We sacrificed beauty for durability. That thing is STRONG!! The colors are deepest aqua and orchid. The boys picked the colors.....I guess it works for them. This bookshelf holds all their books and still has room for games and extras. I'm excited to move the games from the hall closet to get more space there. Also be sure to note the "protectors" of the room sitting on the top shelf.

First day of summer vacation........playing the XBox! I'm going to have to limit the time on that!


Da Browns said...

Seeeee Ryan, aren't you glad you didn't put all that wood in the trash?!...Great job, looks awesome, I bet the boys will be climbing it in no time!

nurselynn said...

That turned out GREAT! How exciting that it's all done and in place. Love the super heros keeping watch over the boys. Good Job, Ryan!
Miss those little guys....