Sunday, June 14

Come to Zion, come to Zion

We went on a day trip through Zion National Park on Saturday. Ryan's mom came to town for Colin's Birthday (covered in the next post), and Ryan wanted us all to see the scenery. Didn't leave Vegas until almost 1pm. We went through a great rainstorm in St. George along the way. Got into the park and let the boys get out and run around on the trail. They crossed a little stream with Daddy and found some sticks to help them walk. Then we got back in the car and drove through the park more. Stopped again at another area and the big boys climbed up some rocks. Colin played in the fine sand.

When we left the park we made a loop for Cedar City. Went up in the mountains where the temp dropped and then saw this great view.

Dinner in St George and finally home around 10:30pm. Long day!

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